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The clients intent for this country home was one that would be a simple contemporary, classy, light filled and airy abode.

A major issue to our studio was the 5 meter slope that spanned from the front of the site and descended to it’s rear on 942sqms.

Our solution to the design was to cleverly design with sections where the slope context was respected and the building cleverly divided in 2. The top entrance area would be the sleeping portions of the house with an ante room which quickly ushers you down a series of steps to the living areas below where residents would be engaged most of the day.

Passive design strategies to keep the building low energy was to incorporate a courtyard at the living areas below that would be vented at the topmost part and allow hot air rise above but allow in ample light 2 floors down. High ceilings were maintained as requested. Solar panels and water recycling systems through the site slope action and stored in slump pits were purposefully designed for.

We see one floor while approaching the house and 2 floors while looking up from the open outdoor sit out at it’s rear.

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