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 Located within the hilly terrain section of the Apo Municipal Area council environs, our approach to the design involved intense topographical studies of the subject site and it’s contextual situation; towering over lots below it and having lots higher than it at its rear.

A basement which houses a garage, utility / machinery rooms and storages were cleverly tucked into the lowest portion of the site which finds its placement just at its entrance.

It’s being a corner plot meant two of its elevations facings the major roads had to be aesthetically pleasing and was tied together in a structural chaos that encompassed a massing harmony.

The terraced pentfloor area and dark shading bulky mass on the east wing skews off in sympathy to its trapezoidal site partition fence, while the other lighter coloured area at the south wing follows suit in another direction of its fence.

The 638 sqms site landscape and main building design comes ready with an internal lift, a games and gym room, staff rooms / laundry on the ground floor for the clients daily pattern of living in the day at the lower floors and relaxation at the first floor which has the main lounge, an open fitted kitchen, inverter room and large outdoor terrace for ample views to the surrounding environs.

The pentfloor has its study, master den and bedroom plus a lush terrace for more views to the rear.

Let’s not also forget the slabbed observatory at the roof area for solar panels, views and relaxation.

Main Contractor: @se_constructions
Prime Consultant: @etarchitects_ltd
Quantity Surveyor: Koreks Consult
Completion date: 2024