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#NTIA VILLA: What are the constraints envisaged while designing on a vast 3,424 sqms sloppy terrain of land?

A topographical survey is carried out to further inform you of the nature of the land and its contours, an ensuing battle to create a design that works harmoniously with the natural contours, intelligently using split levels, cut and fill concepts, cantilevers slabs or elevated foundations, the constant phone calls with the consultant engineer to determine the nature and position of retaining walls to avoid collapse, storm water drainage management, planning for safe and practical path ways, driveways, parking areas considering the incline, makes sure the landscape enhances the natural beauty of the design, controlling erosion and blending the structure seamlessly with the environment.

All these and more were foremost in designing this country home 6 bed villa that comes with a central fountain, games room, 3 living spaces, recreational outdoor spaces inclusive of a fire pit. A lower level basement would serve the maids, inverter, laundry and storage facilities located at the North wing of the site.

The basic concept was to reinforce communal living as the client would retreat periodically with the nuclear and extended family members all housed in this Neo classical type traditional development.

Architects and planners: @etarchitects_ltd
Structural engineer: @smarteraengineering
Service engineer: @mep_by_bocheng_consult

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